Benefits of Personal Voice Assistant Technology

benefits of voice assistant technology

Voice assistant technology software is fast becoming a part of our everyday life. Ninety-two percent of young people stated they use this technology to learn. Voice assistant technology performs tasks or services using voice commands. With such commands, you can control home automation devices, manage email, create to-do lists, watch movies, and set calendars.

Introducing voice assistants to your business operation improves your business processes. This technology helps you cut costs, free-up time and give you an edge against your competition.

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant are accessible voice assistants. Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in recent years has aided this technology’s evolution. Now they can serve regular needs.

Some services personal voice assistant technology render is:

  • Provide information, e.g., weather.
  • Create to-do lists.
  • Play music, and videos from your device
  • Read audiobooks.
  • Provide live chat assistance

Voice assistants do not serve only the needs of individuals. They are an excellent economic tool. Enterprises can deploy them to improve productivity in the workplace.

Almost any business can use this technology. It can range from writing service review sites like Online Writers Rating to e-commerce sites such as Amazon. 

There are several benefits of voice assistant technology. In this article, we will expose those that are beneficial to businesses.

They Help To Streamline Business Operations

Integrating this technology into your enterprise helps to improve your worker’s productivity. Personal assistant technologies never stop working, offering your enterprise smooth day-to-day operational efficiency.

Voice assistants are responsible for remembering important dates and deadlines. They are in charge of scheduling appointments and keeping crucial systems updated. This, in turn, offers your professionals more time to be resourceful. Providing innovation for your company and reducing operational costs.

Improves e-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce hubs can use voice assistant technology-enabled chatbots to serve their customers. The chatbot experience for the customer helps make an enjoyable online shopping experience on any device.

Businesses can also program these intelligent assistant technology chatbots to get consumer information. Such as customers’ interests, transaction history, and location.

Upon collection, this data improves your business’s personalized marketing strategies. The information also enhances your business website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Piyush Goel says his company uses intelligent assistant technologies to record Zoom meetings. The voice assistant transcribes the recording. Then it identifies the callers and flags keywords, so they become searchable.

Provides HR Support

Voice assistants for HR have become seamless and increased efficiency. This is because HR can now focus their energy on more complicated tasks, which gives a good experience for the people being interviewed. There are voice technologies that can select qualified candidates and conduct initial interviews. Thanks to the machine learning algorithm, it allows the hiring process to proceed quickly and accurately. 

Another way it helps HR is with scheduling. They schedule training and vacation programs. They also schedule reviews and meetings. Now, with just voice commands, meetings for different personnel can be held without any overlaps. 

Removes Language Barriers

Voice assistant technology integrates well with translation services, helping your business handle language barriers. Which often happens when browsing on the internet.

For example, Google’s assistant understands 27 different languages. And there are developments in progress to cater to more languages. Personal assistant technology integrates with e-Commerce sites, communicating with customers in their language. This leads to smoother customer experience and more revenue. 

Improves Your Customer Service

Intelligent assistant technology is a useful utility to support small business’s customer service. They respond to queries, process payments, and follow up on orders. A personal assistant is an excellent tool for small businesses to optimize customer service.

Human beings need to take a break once or twice a day. Voice assistant technology, on the other hand, does not take breaks. Thus enabling your business to be available at all times to respond to customer queries. They can set appointments and any task that is specific to your business.

These smart machines are not called personal assistant technology as a naming convention. Voice assistant will serve as your secretary. Answering your calls, booking appointments, taking messages, and a lot more.

Helps Your Business Save Time By Automating Repetitive Tasks

A Gartner report states that: by 2021, intelligent assistant technology will recover 6.2 billion employee working hours and generate $2.9 trillion in business value.

Including voice assistant technology to your business operations will improve your customer experience and impact on your business’s productivity level. 

Automate repeated tasks to a voice-activated personal assistant because this will free-up time for your human personnel. Thus all your resources, which help business growth, generating more revenue. 

Programming voice assistants to deal with routine tasks helps your employees dedicate their time only humans can excel in.

Catering To The Needs of Employees And Customers With Visual Impediments

Voice assistant technologies are getting better at responding to voice commands. These technologies are making interaction with smart devices more convenient. Businesses whose employees have visual impairments can get the best out of them. How? By integrating voice assistant technology to their business operations.

The impaired employees will use the voice assistant to get any task done like any other human. This technology ensures that your customers with visual impairments get good customer service. No matter the time of the day.

So long as there is a voice assistant technology-aided customer service.


The product or the service a business renders determines its success. The business’s competitive edge is also an important factor. Voice assistant technology incorporated into any business operation improves its competitive edge regardless of size.

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