Recruitment That Works With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Recruitment

The Recruiting industry is growing rapidly. As we all know that Artificial Intelligence has marked a huge impact on the world. The recruiting also get affected at some level. Working with recruiting technologies that use Artificial Intelligence has always been a fascinating area for recruiters.

The time has come when machines replace humans. There are various functions in recruitment that can be done more precisely with the machines rather than depending on the people working manually.

Here are some of the areas overcome by Artificial Intelligence and giving you more productive and precise results.


> Profile Matching Percentage:

Recruitment Technologies started giving you this kind of service with the help of AI. In this process, the system works so intelligently that it can suggest you the best matching candidates with a particular job.

Artificial Intelligence Profile Matching

Advantages of Profile Matching Percentage

  • This score helps you a lot in reducing efforts of screening the resumes. You can neglect or reject the candidates with having the lowest score directly.
  • No need to go through the resume even once and waste your valuable time.
  • Reduce the time of hire. Your recruiters can perform quick actions and make your recruiting process as quick as possible.
  • Reduce manpower. If you work with AI, you will realize that AI makes the use of manpower 50%. If you apply this profile matching, you only required one recruiter that can perform other activities.
  • It works very precisely. So no chance to get the biased or incorrect result. The machine can never be biased, so there is not going to be any chance of trust issues with the recruiters’ work.



> Recruitment Chatbots:

Recruitment Chatbots is the biggest innovation in recruitment areas. This can help you to make your process very easy. Recruitment Chatbots are just amazing in delivering the best experience to any user.

Advantages of Recruitment Chatbots

  • You can have a virtual presence in the office. You can serve your candidates/users without having a physical presence at the workplace.
  • You can serve your users 24*7 without fail. A machine never sleeps. So you can cover the geographies that are not matching with your office hours.
  • Humans can’t work all day, but a machine can. You just need to instruct your bot and it will deliver the performance the way you want. Probably you can use some good quotes to satisfy your users and build enough trust that they will receive an answer shortly.
  • Again, chatbots are so precise in working. As it is a programmed bot, you can never find it showing irrelevant job to candidates.
  • Chatbots are the main attraction as it stores the history too. So you can have all the conversational history anytime.



How Recruitment Chatbots Helps You


Artificial Intelligence works so easy and quick. This can take your recruiting capabilities to another level if you use it in the right way at the right time. If you want to implement Artificial Intelligence in your daily recruiting and make your recruiting more productive, you can visit iSmartRecruit and ask for a Free Demo from the sales experts.

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