IP Streaming vs Cable Tv Advantages – Explained

cable TV have over IP streaming

People are cutting the cord and we get why. More streaming services are coming on the rise and providing exceptional experiences. What is it that a streaming service relies on? A stable high-speed internet, right? And that is something we do not have to worry about as there are providers such as Xfinity out there providing quality internet connection. Not only that, but xfinity customer service is also something you can rely on. So, it makes sense why the trend of streaming services is on a boom. 

It is a concern that how will cable compete with streaming, and that is exactly why we are here. There are several ways how cable TV will always stay in the run so if you are interested in knowing that what advantages does cable TV has over IP streaming then keep on reading. 

But first thing’s first. Let’s give IP streaming a quick look.

IP Streaming

IP streaming, or what is commonly known as IPTV is a rather basic concept. Instead of your television set receiving broadcasting signals through a satellite dish, fiber-optic cable, or more commonly through the rooftop antenna, you simply get them streamed practically immediately through your internet connection. 

Although, IP streaming can be done even on a relatively slow ADSL broadband connection, which can probably only handle 1–10 Mbps it works much better on fiber broadband lines, which have about 10 times the bandwidth of maybe 10–100Mbps.

You can view the show on a computer, your smartphone, or can do that by setting up a box that fits between your existing television receiver and the internet connection and it will decode the incoming signals so your TV can display Internet programs. So viewing is just your preference. 

Advantages Of Cable Over IP Streaming

Cable television needs no introduction. We have grown up seeing television in our homes and we have all waited for the daily live headlines to be broadcasted at the end of the day, and well even today we still are all waiting to watch the live broadcasting of the Oscars. Despite the trend of cord cutting on the rise, some loyalists are not budged at all, there must be some reasons for that, right? 

Extensive Line-ups

If you are someone who loves switching through the channels constantly and likes finding something random to watch, then this is a habit that you will never be able to break. As a result, it is preferable to continue watching cable television. Some people prefer to have hundreds of channels available to them, their families, and their friends. Cable TV providers offer extensive lineups that IP streaming still lacks and It is sometimes wonderful to be able to choose among dozens of channels on a big list.

Internet Service

Since IP streaming is reliant on a stable internet connection, you will have to get the best service provider out there. The cable services are far more reliable than the internet connections at a time, whereas internet connections are vulnerable to outages and throttling as well during peak usages. This will affect your whole viewing experience and in the end, you might not even find it all worth your misery. The cable transport layer will never cause pixelization, shifting quality, buffering, or frozen video because standard cable TV has allocated bandwidth for video delivery.

Sports Channels

If you are a sports fanatic then you will have to think a thousand times before you switch to IP streaming. For unrestricted access to sports channels, a cable TV package would be the best option. You might be able to do something similar presently with some streaming providers, but it will cost you much more and that will still not be worth it considering the price points. 

Pricing Factor

You’ll notice that combining the internet with a TV package is a cost-effective option. You might also find a lean bundle, customized package, or basic package that does all you need. If you’re someone who uses the internet to check emails and browse, you might want to look into the costs of unlimited or enhanced internet subscriptions. When it comes to the advancements of cable TV over IP streaming, you won’t have to worry about internet data or bills if you use Cable TV.


Since the viewing trends are constantly changing, this tug of war between cable vs streaming is probably going to stay for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the choice always remains in the viewers’ hands, whatever they prefer based on their likings. 

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