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tech tips for business

Small Business Tech Tips to Boost Your Startup

There is no doubt that starting a business can be a costly endeavour. That is why many entrepreneurs choose to opt for creative alternatives like working remotely from home, using eCommerce, etc. “Frankly, it doesn’t matter where you operate your business as long as you have the right tech tools that can help you efficiently grow your startup.”  The following

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Mobile app development

10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

Mobile platforms evolve and explore themselves. Below we have provided a few statistics links that demonstrate the continued growth in popularity of mobile development: The mobile app market is set to grow by 385% by 2021. In 2021, there will be about 7 billion mobile users worldwide. By 2022, on the App Store user spending will increase 92% to $

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Email signature dos and donts

Email Signatures Exploring the Dos and Don’ts

Email marketers spend a lot of their time and efforts in designing the right email layout, including the most relevant content and testing it across multiple devices and platforms to enthral their email subscribers. The email signature is a low-cost and high-return marketing tool that has big selling possibilities but is often an underutilized section of emails. “Whether you are

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