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software development best practices

Software Development Best Practices That Ensure Online Safety

Businesses and software developers are taking more responsibility to develop secure systems from the onset. “To develop secure applications, developers should practice secure coding, integrate proper security measures and consider security risks during development and in daily operations. ”  Regardless of the devices, developers use to create software, they embrace secure development practices to protect users online. A recent post by

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raise of teen app developers

Understanding the Rise of Teen App Developers

Developing a website or an app can make you rich. Mark Zuckerberg was still a student at Harvard University when he created and co-founded Facebook, a social network service that aimed to connect with one another. Since then, the ascent of Facebook has been rapid. The platform now has nearly 3 billion active users and is worth over $900 billion,

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Test Automation In Digital Transformation

What Is The Role of Test Automation In Digital Transformation?

When it comes to the idea of digital transformations, it is the extensive dependency that every business process, as well as routine operations, have on software, application, and websites. However, this change has pushed all business organizations to struggle with brand differentiation that lies within providing a seamless user experience.  In 2020, worldwide spending on digital transformation reached 1.3 trillion

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Why do Entrepreneurs go with Shopify eCommerce Development?

With merchants exhibiting their products online rather than in brick-and-mortar storefronts, eCommerce has modified the business landscape for the better. As a result, there is a need to create online stores that are the perfect combination of visual aesthetics and efficacy. In today’s events, an experienced eCommerce web development company is paramount since it accurately portrays you in the online

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Usage of ARVR in Workplace

Usage of AR/VR in Workplace and its Benefits

A typical employee takes time to adapt to the change in any form of workplace transformation. While some are early adopters, some spend much energy unlearning, changing and relearning. And then, there are a few employees who show complete resistance to the change before finally switching jobs for good. Change in an organization is constant but it indeed brings with

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