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m2m vs iot understanding the difference

Understanding the Differences: M2M vs. IoT Development 

IoT is in connecting devices and industries for better connectivity and communication cause. IoT technology is growing at an unstoppable rate adopting the current advanced technology aspects.  “Using the sensors, smart beacons, smart devices, and IoT processors, the production part of every process is changing the way it was working earlier.”  The new IoT trends cover 5G technology, Edge Computing,

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AI Enterprise Applications Help You Make Better Business Decisions

AI solutions have the potential to improve business’ decision-making processes significantly. Put simply, it has moved towards becoming a basic component of enterprise applications (EAs) towards a crucial determinant of successful business strategies. According to a survey conducted by PwC. “Over 72% of business leaders believe that using AI can enable humans to focus on meaningful tasks”  Continuing on the

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top business applications for better internal communications

9 Business Applications for Seamless Internal Communications

As a business, there is a need to use a few mobile applications that facilitate better internal communication. These not only help keep everyone in loop but also ensure a free flow of communication between all the members of the team. “Seriously, nobody wants to be yelling from one office to the other or run emails back and forth. It

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Plan App Release for Business

How to Plan App Release For Your Business

With millions of apps prevailing in the app store, the competition to stand out from the rest has become tougher than ever before. Launching an app isn’t easy these days. No business would want to spend such a huge amount of money and time on building an app that fails to meet its desired needs. So, to increase your app

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business cybersecurity issues

How Businesses Should Avoid Cyberattacks during Remote Work

Currently, we’re all going through uncertain times thanks to the ongoing pandemic! This has not only turned the entire work dynamic upside-down but also resulted in an increasing number of cyberattacks, as firms have scrambled to implement remote working. “Due to this, the majority of businesses have started relying on their employees now more than ever to protect their organisation

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