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cryptocurrency mining

5 Cryptocurrency Mining Facts Which Is Going To Blow Your Mind

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream like never before. We all know Bitcoin has outperformed almost every other financial asset and investment during the pandemic period. With some investors getting lifetime gains in periods as low as ten or eleven months, there is no doubt that the digital currency is going to become bigger in the

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How Does Digital Transformation Boost Growth of the Finance Industry- Aiiot

How Does Digital Transformation Boost Growth of the Fintech Industry?

Digital Transformation: The enabler of innovation. There is hardly a boardroom discussion that ends without the mention of the two golden words.  “Across industries, digital transformation is playing a huge role in taking businesses forward. Digitalization is the one common business enhancer between traditional and modern businesses”  The one industry which has started brushing up on digital transformation guides, we

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tips for making web design social

Tips for Making Your Web Design Truly Social Media Friendly

We understand that the extent of your web design brand presence on any social media platform is limited to its page and some advertising. Moreover, just because social media platforms are public platforms, you cannot exercise complete control over your content that is on display for your target audience. Furthermore, since you are relying on a basically third-party platform, any

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benefits of renting smart offices for your company

Benefits of Renting a Smart Office For Your Company

If a phone is smart, why not an office, right? Smart offices are not the future, are the present. Technology applications are no longer an option if a company wants to stay on the market and grow. “Tools like Customer Relationship Management or a Task Management platform can change the way a team works.”  In this era where everything is

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Embed instagram feeds on your website

Pros of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Website

Who doesn’t love Instagram? We all do, right! The reason behind this addiction for Instagram is its constantly changing features such as Instagram offers Geo-tagging, Instagram Stories, Filters & moreover, the vibrant galleries of pictures or short videos make the social feed come alive.  “What makes Instagram more attractive is that it has millions of global users and people have

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