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What is an Enterprise Data Science Platform Used For?

Over the previous decade, there has been much talk about data being the new ‘black gold.’ In a digital economy, the essays and commentaries fostering discussions on the matter are not entirely wrong. Just as oil provided the economic boom of the early 20th century, data is responsible for the spike in revenue among the world’s tech giants. Businesses of

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man in a white robe and a mask with a laptop in his hands stands near the digital screen at the factory

Using Computers in Harsh Environments

For the last decade or so, concepts like machine learning and artificial intelligence have been allowing manufacturers to streamline their production processes. Implementing a machine vision system in a food processing factory, for instance, requires the use of sophisticated computer hardware, high-tech cameras and state-of-the-art software. “But what happens when these factories and warehouses are a little too “rugged” for

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Developing Digital Ordering System

Developing Digital Ordering System: 5 Best Ways to Streamline it

When the hunger pangs hard- you probably order a Pizza or Burger or your favourite meal.  Right?  Food delivery apps can be your saviour as it satisfies your cravings and let people enjoy delicious meals at their doorsteps. “With the increasing usage of the Internet and smartphone, the number of orders placed online has seen a massive rise in the

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how to cut costs when hiring

How To Cut Costs When Hiring

You need new employees—that’s non-negotiable. But why does it have to cost so much money just to hire someone who you then have to pay more money?   There might be a few workarounds for that. “It’s nearly impossible to get through the hiring process without spending a dime, but this guide will help you cut costs left, right, and center. ” 

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Are Year-End Lease Deals Really That Good

Are Year-End Lease Deals Really That Good?

You’ve found the ride you want, but you might be unsure about the best time to sign that lease contract. Lots of people say the ideal time is late December when dealers are more apt to dole out larger discounts as they clear lots for next year’s model.  But is this really the best time?  Let‘s take a look. The

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