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worth investing in website builder

Is It Worth Investing in a Website Builder?

There are many different ways to build a website these days. There’s the timeless method of building your site code in Adobe Dreamweaver and exporting it to the web. You can build a site in WordPress with a bit of CSS knowledge, or you can just outsource everything to a website design agency. Then there’s also the option of using

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tips to automate ecommerce business

Excellent Tips to Automate Your Ecommerce Venture

Making use of all the available resources that you have might not be enough if you want to create a successful e-commerce project. And it is not necessarily the lack of funds, but the lack of time. Thankfully, the popularity of eCommerce and its growth during the last few years has incentivized a boom in automation tool emergence. “The future

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Android push notifications

Introducing Android Push Notification In A New Light

There was a time when SMSs and emails used to rule the market. They were used to be considered as a prime marketing strategy for any business. But with the advent of technology push notifications starts to show their presence. Within a short span of time Push notifications in the form of React native push notifications for Android mobile applications

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benefits of voice assistant technology

Benefits of Personal Voice Assistant Technology

Voice assistant technology software is fast becoming a part of our everyday life. Ninety-two percent of young people stated they use this technology to learn. Voice assistant technology performs tasks or services using voice commands. With such commands, you can control home automation devices, manage email, create to-do lists, watch movies, and set calendars. Introducing voice assistants to your business

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cybersecurity tips for ecommerce store

Cybersecurity Steps to Take to Protect Your E-commerce Business

Running an e-commerce business may be profitable, and an enjoyable task for most of us, but you need to practice certain precautions when managing your online business. It is needless to say that where the money is involved, criminals follow. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, you must follow all the security protocols. “Due to a lack of awareness about

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