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Marketing Technology Trends

7 Marketing Technology Trends to Consider in 2020

Are you ready to see what 2020 has in store for us? With each year technological advances are only going forward, shocking us with all the useful and helpful tools that are emerging. Marketing has always been affected by technological innovations since it is essential for every business and every

Real Time Vechile tracking in fleet companies

Ways to Improve Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Fleet Companies

Any fleet company that is keen on improving its overall management should always consider real-time as an important strategy. The use of GPS technology is a tracking procedure that has been adopted by companies that deal with delivery trucks, vans, passenger buses, and cabs. After the installation of the devices

How to 6 Major IoT Security Issues

How to Handle 6 Major IoT Security Issues

Internet of Things or IoT is the most recent pattern in innovation. It is outfitting quick to associate any hardware gadgets to your smart gadgets. Presently, you can deal with any devices and circumstances as you want to utilize IoT.  However, is this most hypothesized and discussed innovation secured? Technocrats

Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Machine Learning Engineer Salary Jobs Description and Skills

Machine Learning Engineer Machine learning is the study of algorithms. In this study, they learn about the data models that computer systems utilize to perform specific tasks. In simple words, machine learning is all about making computers to perform intelligent tasks without explicitly coding. The machine learning is a new

google birthday surprise spinner

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner Must Try Google Doodles

Google company is now 19 years old. Its been 19 years since Larry Page and Sergey brin met up at stand ford and decided to organize all the information in the world. They have transformed the company from an office in the garage, to and internet behemoth with more than