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Ways to Improve Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Fleet Companies

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Engineer Salary Jobs Description and Skills

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why is cybersecurity important

Why Is Cyber Security Important and Its Benefits

Cyber Security is not just a matter of concern for government or business organizations but it has an influence on almost everyone. The digital devices like mobile phones, computers and tablets may contain information that hackers are interested in such

Big Data Career

Top 3 Big Data Career Typologies of 2020

Often used interchangeably, the two hot Big Data job roles – data analyst and data scientist – differ significantly from each other. A data scientist is one who can predict future based on trends, while a data analyst curates day-to-day

Internet Service Providers for Home

Internet Service Providers for Home Must Ask Questions

Picking a good connection from a sea of Internet Providers can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you don’t have the vaguest idea about the correct inquiries to pose while talking to your selected provider’s customer representative. One of the

Google Gravity Experiment What is it and How it Works?

Google is the world-famous search engine used by millions of internet user daily, on their laptop, desktop, smartphone, and smartwatches, and many Artificial Intelligence-based electronic devices as Google is easy to use and provide accurate search result based on the

VR Apps Expectations vs Reality

VR Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

The ecosystem of virtual reality was kick-started in the 1990s. Then gloves and goggles were cool enough to offer 3D graphics and after that, the concept was significantly altered with the arrival of Virtual Reality or VR. VR has become